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Uganda, Mount Elgon; Eastern Uganda, Bugisu AA, Smallholder Farmers, fully washed, —




Mount Elgon, Eastern Uganda


Bugisu AA


Smallholder Farmers


SL14, SL24


fully washed

Рейтинг SCA



60 kg

якість мішка

Jute Bag

Source / Processing / Story:

The Bugisu coffee comes from the Eastern region of Uganda, at the border with Kenya, where Mount Elgon lies. This mountain, judging by its enormous base used to be the tallest in Africa.

The area hosts two tribes namely the Bagisu and the Sabin tribes. These tribes have distinctive dialects rather different form the rest of the country's tribes.

The people of Eastern Uganda are predominantly farmers of coffee, maize, bananas and herd some limited amounts of cattle and poultry. The farmers usually inter-crop their plots of land meaning they will grow coffee and bananas on the same plot whereas cultivation of maize is more often done on a separate piece of land. The washing process is done individually by the farmers on their own farms. Their whole livelihood is based around agriculture.

This coffee is being collected at buying posts located in Mbale, Bududa and Budadiri. Further it is not uncommon for this part of Uganda that farmers sell their coffees to mobile trucks which tour the growing region in order to collect coffee directly from the farm gate and bring it to Kampala where it is further processed for export.

Cup Profile: Good body and acidity as well as some nicely balanced spicy, nutty and smooth aromas.